We are a non-profit organization that rescues homeless animals and provide any veterinary care they need. This includes spaying, neutering, vaccinations, surgeries, and more. After they receive proper medical care, they are placed for adoption. While waiting for their loving forever homes, they are placed in approved foster care homes or in the Tender Mercies Pet Organization kennels.

We also help pet owners who need emergency veterinary assistance. Many times pet owners have a pet that needs an emergency medical treatment, but they simply cannot afford to save their beloved pet.

We rely solely on contributions from donors to help save as many animals as possible.




  • Phoenix

    Ooh la la! Hello there ladies, my name is Phoenix. I am such the ladies man! I am a Pitbul mix and my birthday is 4/30/13. I am heartworm negative and fully vaccinated. I am a special guy who has had a hard life. I was found by my superhero, Charlotte. She’s only 5 years old and if it wasn’t for her, I probably wouldn’t be here today. I was found across the road from Carver Elementary School in Pinetops, NC with a broken back and I was severely burned. I am currently undergoing therapy because I need to rise again and walk! I am a happy boy who gets along with all my friends in the trailer. I need a special family who will be able to spend quality time with me and have patience with my therapy. Can I go home with you?

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Coming Soon…

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