Janice Thompson, the founder of Tender Mercies Pet Organization, has loved and cared for animals her whole life. Her mother once remarked “You know, in nearly every photo I have of you, you are always holding a dog”. Unfortunately Janice’s mother, who was a kind spirit and loved by everyone who knew her, passed away before she could see the completion of the Tender Mercies kennels. That spirit lives on through Janice who tries to be kind to all creatures. Even when a lowly stray spider or bug finds it way inside, Janice chooses to catch and release it rather than end it’s life. Janice feels all life deserves to be treated with respect and through Tender Mercies Pet Organization she hopes to do her part to end the suffering of as many animals as possible.

Due to the overwhelming task and multitude of animals that needed assistance, she started a non-profit in June of 2012. She teamed up with other board members who have the same love and devotion to animals. All board members are volunteers and do not receive any income from Tender Mercies Pet Organization. Each volunteer assists in various ways to do whatever is necessary to help out.

In 2015 we purchased 7 acres of land to build kennels because there were always more homeless animals than foster homes. Each spacious kennel is fully climate controlled and allows the dog to go in and out of their own private run whenever they need to use the bathroom. They have sturdy raised cots with blankets to sleep on. Our goal was to give all homeless animals the most comfortable and sanitary place as possible they could live in while they are waiting for their forever home. Every kennel has an infrared camera so we can see the animals day or night. The whole facility is protected by a security system.